Month: July 2022

Why Choose A Water Filtration System

Depending on your locality, the concern of the quality of tap water for drinking purposes can be minor to major. Considering this, the requirement of a water filtration system to be used in houses has been increasing at a rapid rate. Under such circumstances, have you ever wondered what can you do to choose a water treatment system for your house which will serve the purpose just right? If so, then follow the steps accentuated below in order to determine the kind of water filtration system which will be suitable for your house and protect your family against the hazards of contaminated water. 

Why Do You Need One?

The first step to choosing a water treatment system for your house is to identify why do you need one, in the first place. There can be many different kinds of contaminants in your water and it is absolutely necessary to be familiar with the kind that you are dealing with before choosing the water filtration system which will be suitable against those contaminants. So to begin with, get the water quality report of the tap water in your house from a water utility or authority in your nearest vicinity. 

Which Contaminants Do You Want To Get Rid Of?

It is to be kept in mind at all times that while there is a range of water filtration systems available in the market, all of such systems are not capable of dealing with all of the contaminants. This is what necessitates that you opt for a water treatment option which is certified to be effective against removing the particular kind of contaminants that you are dealing with. So premised on the information revealed by the water quality report, you can spend your money on a suitable water treatment system for your house and improve the overall quality of water for yourself and your family. 

What Type Of Water Filtration Is Suitable For You?

Next in line is the concern of the type of water filtration system that is going to be suitable for your house. More often than not, there are two basic types of water treatment systems that you can choose from namely a Point Of Use (POU) system and or the Point Of Entry (POE) system that is suitable for the entire house. The former of the two consists of faucet filters, water pitchers, and reverse osmosis (RO) systems. It is to be kept in mind that the RO systems are the only ones which have received a certification to be effective against removing the nitrates, fluoride, copper, and lead contaminants in your drinking water. 

The POE systems, on the other hand, are usually installed close to the water meter and treats the water accordingly as it enters the house. Water softeners, UV microbiological systems, and whole-house filters are a few of the options in this category. The POE systems are widely available to deal with the concerns of chlorine, odor, taste, and particulates in the tap water of your house. 

Remember that a major factor that contributes in choosing a water filtration system for your house is the budget. While it is never a good option to go beyond your budget to get a water treatment system, it would certainly be a wise decision, however, to spend a reasonable amount of money on it. At the end of the day, it’s all about the health of your family. And there is nothing that’s worth more than keeping your family safe from the hazards of contaminated water. So don’t be extravagant, but don’t be excessively miser either.  

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