Installation Of An Electric Water Heater

Installation Of An Electric Water Heater

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The installation of a thermodynamic water heater, solar, or gas, is a unique technical competence on the one hand and will be subject to the intervention of a skilled artisan RGE on the other hand, to obtain ‘financial assistance.

To install these types of appliances, you will need a plumber for your water heater.

If you are a do – it – yourself and you have a good command of electricity and plumbing, you can decide to install your electric water heater on your own (simple operation).

Be careful, however, when proceeding with the installation yourself, you will not be covered by the ten-year warranty, nor can you by your home insurance in case of faulty wiring.

To start, installing an electric water heater is greatly facilitated by a quick connect kit. Needing neither glue nor solder, it must be completed with Teflon, seals, and washers.

Install your water heater near the main pull points. If you install it in your bathroom, the appliance should be more than 60 cm from the bath and washbasin.

On a wall of plasterboard, the wall hanging will be only for the mini water heater with safety pins. For larger volumes, you will need to use a tripod — plan different fixing solutions for the masonry walls.

After hooking up the water heater on its mount, mount the safety group on the cold water inlet of the balloon by connecting the siphon elements, then adjust the end of the drain hose to a drain line.

Connect the outlet hoses to the balloon and the safety group and lock.

Make the electrical connection. The ground wire is to be connected to the ground of the water heater.

Open the water and drain the air. Then connect the power supply and wait several hours for the water to heat up.

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